ICRT News for Kids – Wearable Air-Con

An Air-Con You Can Wear!

An Air-Con You Can Wear!

An Air-Con You Can Wear!

Taiwan gets very hot in the summer.

I like the summer, but it is so hot! Sometimes after just a short walk… I’m
dripping with sweat!

Most of us use air conditioners at home in the summer. But what about when
you go out for a walk? You could carry a small fan, or a bottle of water…
but… I want an “air con”, or air conditioner, I can wear!

Does that sound silly? Well, guess what? A company has just made the world’s
first air conditioner you can wear!

It looks a little like a dog collar. You wear it around your neck, and it
blows cold air up to your head!

So when you are walking in the hot sun you can keep nice and cool… Ahhh!

It is much smaller and lighter than the air-conditioner in your home… phew!
That would be too heavy to carry on your neck!

This air-con has a very strong, very tiny fan… but it’s not just a fan. It
really blows out cold air… it’s a real air conditioner! And, it’s a smart
air conditioner too!

The wearable air con has a small computer inside it. This computer knows how
hot it is… so, it will blow out cold air on hot days… not-so-cold air on
not-so-hot days… and super cold air on super hot days!

What do you think? Is a wearable air-con a good idea? Would you want to wear

I think I like this idea! I want to wear it and go to the beach!


1) air 空氣
Can you feel the cold air? 你能感覺到冷空氣嗎?
Yes, I can! 有感覺到。
Did you turn on the air conditioner? 你開了冷氣機嗎?
Yeah, I’m testing it. 對,我在測試。

2) neck 脖子
What’s that around your neck? 你圍在脖子上的東西是啥?
It’s a fan. 是一台電扇。
A fan for your neck? 給脖子吹電扇?
Yeah, it’s very hot. 對啊,天氣非常熱。

3) wear 穿戴
I would never wear a machine. 我絕不會穿戴機器。
But you are wearing a watch. 但是你戴著手錶。
That’s totally different. 那完全不一樣。

4) blow 吹氣
The wind is blowing hard! 風好大! Yeah, I think it will rain soon.
I’m so glad I’m home now. 我真高興我到家了。

air 空氣
neck 脖子
wear 穿戴
blow 吹氣


  1. What is the story about?
    A: The world’s first fan for dogs
    B: The world’s first wearable air conditioner
    C: The world’s first computer you can eat
  2. What does this new air-con look like?
    A: A dog collar
    B: A monkey tail
    C: A pencil case
  3. What does ‘wearable’ mean?
    A: You can wash it
    B: You can see it
    C: You can wear it