ICRT News for Kids Valentine’s Day

2023-02-14 Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s Day! A day for love. Some people love chocolate, they
want to eat it all the time! Some people love their pets… but they don’t
want to eat them!

Some people love helping others. A great way to do that is to donate. That
means giving your stuff away for free.

Charity shops are where you can donate your stuff. They sell it, and use the
money to help good causes.

In the UK, someone donated an old bag full of stuff to a charity shop. They
found a mystery Valentine’s Day card!

In the card was a beautiful poem, and a photo of a woman and her three
children. The end of the poem says: “From the person that loves you more than
anything else in the world”. Awwww!

The card was written for the woman in the photo, but no-one knows who she is!

The photo is black and white, so they know the card must be very old. It will
be hard to find the woman, or her family. But it will make her so happy to
see the card again!

The things we do for love…



1. woman 女子
There’s an old woman standing there with a bag in her hand.
Hmmm, do you think she needs help? 你覺得她需要幫忙嗎?


2. donate 捐獻
I don’t know. 不知道。
Maybe we can donate some food to her. 也許我們可以捐一點食物給她。
Donating food? 捐食物嗎?
What if she’s not hungry? 要是她不餓怎麼辦?


3. give 給予
Then we can give her something else. 那我們就給她別的東西。
Well, you’d better ask her what she needs. 你最好問問她需要什麼。


4. sell 賣
She’s just hoping to sell the bag! 她只是想把包包賣掉。
She made many different ones. 她做了很多個不同的包。
Wow, silly us! 哇,我們真傻。

woman 女子
donate 捐獻
give 給予
sell 賣


1. What word means to give your stuff away for free to help people?
A: Donut
B: Donate
C: Debate

2. Where can you go to give away your old stuff?
A: Clarity stops
B: Hilarity pops
C: Charity shops

3. What color was the photo in the card?
A: Black and blue
B: Black and white
C: Blue and white