ICRT News for Kids Ugliest Dog

The Ugliest Dog

World’s Ugliest Dog

Hey boy!! Who’s a good dog? Yes, you are…. You’re a good dog… Come here!
…… Now, Sit. Okay, it’s time for another story!

Hey everyone, do any of you have a dog as a pet? 你們有沒有人養狗狗呢 Or
maybe you know someone who has?

Oh man! Dogs are the best!… But whatever you do, don’t let them see a…
Uh-oh… 我的天啊! 牠看到一隻貓! He just saw a cat! Come back here, boy! …….
Aghhh! Not mom’s favorite vase!

(Out of breath) Ahhh! The cat’s gone…. Oh… but mom’s vase! …….You! You’re
in a lot of trouble, boy! ….. How could y… Ohh!! I can’t stay mad at you…
you’re just too cute… ….Who’s a good boy?

I really like dogs. What about you? 你也喜歡狗嗎? They make great pals too…
Dogs are called man’s best friend after all! 狗狗是人類最好的朋友 對不對?
Ohhh they’re just sooo cute…. and cuddly! 真的很想要一直抱著他們耶! And
that’s why we love them, right?

But what if….. the dog wasn’t quite so cute and cuddly?

Yeah, that’s right! What if… IT WAS THE UGLIEST DOG IN THE WORLD!

Ahhh… I’m sorry, boy…. But hey! It’s ok! Their owners love them no matter
what they look like! 不管這麼樣 , 主人當然還是愛他們!

Plus, they can even enter a competition! The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest!
Yup. 世界上最醜狗狗大賽!

The competition is held each year in California and the winner… or should we
say loser? Hmm…. Anyway, they get over one thousand dollars, a trip to New
York City, and a trophy that says they’re the ugliest dog in the world! Would
you want a trophy like that? 你們會想要這樣的trophy嗎? 我才不要! Because I’m
way too beautiful. I should enter a beauty contest!

H…hey! Come on, boy! Let’s go play fetch.


Hi, let’s review some of the words you just heard. Dogs are cute, aren’t

1) Cute可愛的。That little dog is so cute! 那隻小狗好可愛! Dogs are my
favorite animals狗狗是我最喜歡的動物,favorite 最喜歡。

2) What’s your favorite color? 你最喜歡的顏色是什麼? My favorite color is

3) Ugly 難看的,醜的 That’s one ugly tree over there! 那棵樹好難看!

4) Ugliest最難看的,世界最醜狗狗大賽就是 the world’s ugliest dog contest.

5) 比賽就是contest,英語演講比賽English speech contest.

Now let’s review some of the words. Cute 可愛的, favorite最喜歡的,
ugly難看的, ugliest最難看的,contest 比賽.


Which animal is often called man’s best friend?
A: Zebras
B: Dogs
Or C: Cats

What kind of dogs can enter the competition from the story?
A: Ugly dogs
B: Fast dogs
Or C: Hot dogs

What is the opposite of ugly?
A: Strong
B: Silly
Or C: Beautiful