ICRT News for Kids -The World’s Biggest Water Battery

Water Battery

Water Battery

The World’s Biggest Water Battery

We can use the power of water to make clean energy, without any smelly smoke
or dirty pollution.

That’s why, high in the mountains of Switzerland, they’ve just built the
world’s biggest water battery!

It’s made of two huge lakes, one high above, and one down below. To make
electricity, water moves super-fast from the high lake down to the low lake,
through big long tunnels!

Inside the tunnels are huge turbines. They look like the blades of a fan, but
much, much bigger!

The power of the rushing water makes the turbines spin really fast. As the
turbines spin, they make electricity!

This water battery is so big it took 14 years to build, and it can make
enough electricity to power 900,000 homes! That’s more than they need in
Switzerland, so they want to share it with the rest of Europe.

Lots of clean energy for folks all over Europe, for years, all thanks to the
world’s biggest water battery!


  1. Switzerland 瑞士
    Have you ever been to Switzerland? 你有沒有去過瑞士?
    No, have you? 沒有,你去過嗎?
    No, but I’d sure like to visit. 沒有,很想去看看。
  2. lake 湖泊
    They have lots of beautiful lakes and high mountains.
    Yeah, and lots of snow too. It must be very cold there.
  3. biggest 最大的
    And Lake Geneva is the biggest high-mountain lake in Europe.
    Bigger than Sun Moon Lake? 比日月潭大嗎?
    Much bigger. 大多了。
  4. clean 乾淨的
    It uses clean energy too. 它也用乾淨能源。
    It all sounds great. 聽起來都很不錯。
    But I prefer a warm place. 可是我喜歡溫暖的地方。

Switzerland 瑞士
lake 湖泊
biggest 最大的
clean 乾淨的


  1. Where is the world’s biggest water battery?
    A: Sweden
    B: Swaziland
    C: Switzerland
  2. What’s inside the water battery’s big long tunnels?
    A: Smelly smoke
    B: Huge turbines
    C: Dirty pollution
  3. How long did this water battery take to build?
    A: 43 years
    B: 14 years
    C: 40 years