ICRT News for Kids – Sun Moon Lake

Swim Across Sun Moon Lake

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, more more swimming … I like

Life vest? Check! Swimming cap? Check! Goggles? Check! OK! 可以去日月潭游泳了!

What? Swim across a lake? 你覺得游過一個湖不可能嗎? Wrong! I did it, and so
can you!

Every year in September, thousands and thousands of people in Taiwan swim
across Sun Moon Lake! Now it’s a famous swimming event and people from all
around the world go to swim across the lake!

Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s biggest freshwater lake. You can open your eyes
underwater and it doesn’t hurt.


My favorite place for freshwater swimming in Taiwan is Sun Moon Lake in

People of all ages … from 10-years-old to 100-years-old … swim 3,000 meters
across Sun Moon Lake every year.

這不是比賽. You can swim fast or you can swim slow … you just need to get to
the other side.

There are lots of lifeguards watching all the swimmers … and you need to
wear a special life-vest…and that’s good because safety is important.


Want to join me and thousands of other people when we swim across Sun Moon
Lake next year?

You do? Ok, well … you need to be at least 10-years-old. You need to be a
good swimmer…and you need to talk to your mom and dad, and they can help
you sign up. 你想參加的話,可以上網報名。

3,000 meters is pretty far … but it feels so good when you get to the other

I felt like a hero!

3公里聽起來很遠但是你一游到對岸, 感覺好棒喔

Ok, see you next year in Nantou! We’re going to swim across Sun Moon Lake.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming….”

And remember — SAFETY FIRST!


Thousands of people swim across Sun Moon Lake every year.

1) Thousand千。One thousand一千,two thousand兩千。Were you born in 2008?
你是2008年出生的嗎? No, in 2009.不是,是2009年。

2) Across橫過,越過。We will swim across the lake.我們會游泳橫渡那個湖。You
need to walk across the street. 你需要穿越馬路。

3) Lake湖。Lake Superior is the world’s largest freshwater

4) Age年齡。Are you of the same age? 你們同年齡嗎? Yes, we are. 是啊。 The
Hollywood star has died aged 80. 好萊塢明星去世,享年八十歲。

5) Wear穿。She’s wearing a swimsuit.她穿著泳裝。He wore glasses yesterday but
not today.他昨天有戴眼鏡,今天沒有。

Here are the words we learned today. Thousand千 across橫過,越過 lake湖
age年齡 wear穿


  1. What lake do people swim across in Taiwan every year?
    A: ChengChing Lake
    B: The DanShui River
    C: Sun Moon Lake
  2. How old do you need to be to swim across Sun Moon Lake?
    A: At least 10-years-old
    B: At least 100-years-old
    C: At least 2-years-old
  3. What’s the most important thing to remember about swimming?
    A: Safety first!
    B: Don’t drink all the water
    C: Baby Shark