ICRT News for Kids -Sailing in Space on Sunlight

Sailing in Space on Sunlight

Sailing in Space on Sunlight

Sailing in Space on Sunlight

Hey there! Today it is so easy to travel far away. We can go around the world
very fast, using airplanes! But that’s not how people have always traveled…

A long time ago, people used wind power to cross the oceans. Those old ships
had sails to catch the wind and push the ship forward.

Now they’re doing the same thing with ships in outer space!

But… there isn’t any wind in outer space.

Space sails use sunlight! Sun power pushes the sails…

The sun is a star. A huge, burning ball of fire! And the sun is always
sending out waves of heat and light… sunlight!

It takes about 8 minutes for the waves of sunlight from the sun to reach the

And… those waves of sunlight can push a space sail.

A spaceship from Japan used a small sun sail to go all the way to Venus in

Now, a French company wants to test a super big sun sail… it will sail
around the earth… high up in outer space!

This test is really cool because it will help scientists learn more about sun

Maybe one day super huge sun sails will push spaceships with people far into
space… then we could vacation on Mars!


1) push 推動
Sunlight can push spaceships forward. 陽光可以推動太空船前進。
I find it hard to understand. 我覺得有點難懂。
I think it’s possible only in space. 我想只有在太空中才能吧。

2) spaceship 太空船
Look, a spaceship! 你看,太空船!
That’s not a spaceship, Jane. 那不是太空船。
That’s a kite. 那是風箏。

3) sail 帆,航行
Sailing around the world must be fun! 航行全世界一定很好玩!
Yeah, if you have 3 to 5 years. 是,要是你有三年到五年的時間。

4) wind 風
Is it because the wind is slow? 這是因為風很慢嗎?
Well, it’s because the world is big. 這是因為世界很大。

Let’s read today’s vocabulary.
push 推動
spaceship 太空船
sail 帆,航行
wind 風


  1. How can the sun push a spaceship’s sun sails?
    A: Waves of light and heat push the sun sails
    B: Waves of ice and water push the sun sails
    C: Waves of wind push the sun sails
  2. What is the sun?
    A: A planet
    B: A star
    C: A moon
  3. In 2010, where did a spaceship go using sun sails?
    A: Japan
    B: Venus
    C: Jupiter