ICRT News for Kids -Purple Tomatoes

Purple Tomatoes

Purple Tomatoes

Purple Tomatoes are the New Designer Fruit

Name some fruits and vegetables that are the color purple!

Well, there are grapes, eggplants… And I’ve also seen some purple carrots…
But have you ever seen a purple tomato?

Probably not.

That’s because there is no such thing as a purple tomato, right? Well, you’re

A very smart farmer in the U.S. invented a purple tomato. This farmer did
something special during the process of growing tomatoes, and ended up
inventing a new kind of tomato! A purple tomato!

Don’t worry, purple tomatoes don’t taste any different. They taste just as
delicious as regular red tomatoes.

The other thing that makes this purple tomato special is that it seems to
stay fresh twice as long as regular red tomatoes.

That’s great! That means it won’t go bad as easily as regular tomatoes.

What’s also really cool is that this special kind of purple tomato might be
sold in the future. Which means you might be able to buy a purple tomato and
eat it!

I hope I will be able to buy these purple tomatoes in the future! I would
like to make tomato sauce for pasta with it.

Just think about it, purple pasta sauce! That would be fun to eat!


  1. invent 發明
    What new food would you like to invent? 你會想發明什麼新的食物?
    Crabs that are easy to eat. 容易入口的螃蟹。
    You must love crabs a lot. 你一定很愛吃螃蟹。
  2. purple 紫色的
    I don’t eat eggplants. 我不吃茄子。
    Because you don’t like the taste? 因為你不喜歡它的味道嗎?
    No, because they’re purple. 不,是因為它是紫色的。
  3. delicious 美味的
    How about grapes? 那葡萄呢?
    They’re purple but delicious. 它是紫色不過很好吃。
    Grapes are fine. 葡萄可以。
  4. buy 購買
    Where can I buy carrots? 我在哪裡可以買胡蘿蔔?
    At any supermarket. 任何超市都可以。

So would you like to taste purple tomatoes? Let’s read today’s vocabulary.
invent 發明
purple 紫色的
delicious 美味的
buy 購買


  1. What is the new kind of vegetable mentioned in this story?
    A: Grapes
    B: Eggplants
    C: Tomatoes
  2. What color is the new vegetable?
    A: Purple
    B: Yellow
    C: Pink
  3. What else is special about this vegetable?
    A: It stays fresh longer
    B: It does not stay fresh as long
    C: There’s nothing else special about it