ICRT News for Kids – Pepper the Robot

Pepper the Robot

Hey, kids!

Today, let’s talk about robots! Robots 就是機器人阿!

(imitating robot) Hello…I…am…a…robot…Hehe!… Not really. But I do
know a robot. 我當然不是機器人,可是我有認識啊 Want to meet her? 這是Pepper
, 她是機器人

Pepper: Hi there. My name is Pepper. How are you?

Hey Pepper. I’m fine, thanks! Isn’t Pepper great? She can do lots of cool
stuff! Pepper 超酷喔 會做很多事.

Pepper: I can offer help… remember faces… and also tell jokes.
它會跟你聊天, 記得你的臉, 還會講笑話!

Pepper: I can speak lots of languages too… 還會說中文.

Woah! See! Cool, right?!

Have you ever seen a robot? 看過機器人嗎? Well, even if you haven’t, you
might soon! Pepper the robot is being used as a helper at some companies,
shops, and hospitals!

Pepper 已經在一些公司 商店 跟醫院上班耶! 以後很有可能會到處看的到她 ! Some
people even have a robot like Pepper at home! 有的人還會有一個像Pepper一
樣的機器人在家裡 !

Pepper even has a few brothers!

Nao, who is smaller and Romeo who is taller. 小的叫Nao, 大的叫 Romeo. Oh!
Then there’s also Whiz! 第三個叫Whiz! 她是吸塵器 He’s a vacuum cleaner!

Unlike his brothers and sister, Whiz is isn’t much of a talker. Whiz
講的話比較少… (shouting) but he is a great little helper!

Mmmm… And while Whiz cleans up… I can (sits down)… ahhh… put my feet
up… and relax. Whiz 打掃的時候我就可以休息一下… Oh! Hey, Pepper! Get me a
lemonade will ya?

Pepper: No… way.

Hmph…Well, it was worth a try, right?


Hi! Would you like to have a robot that speaks English at home?

1) Speak說。Do you speak English? 你會說英文嗎? Yes, I do 我會a. That boy can
speak 4 languages那個男孩會講四種語言。

2) Language語言. English is a world language 英文是世界語。How many languages
can he speak他會說幾種語言? Only one只有一種呢。

3) Face臉。The robot remembers my face 這個機器人記得我的臉! What’s wrong
with your face你的臉怎麼了?

4) Remember記得。I don’t remember his name我忘了他的名字。Nobody remembers my

5) Helper幫手。The robot is such a great helper機器人真是好幫手!

We learned a lot about robots today. Let’s review the words:

speak說 language語言 face臉 remember記得 helper幫手


  1. Whiz, Pepper, Nao, and Romeo are all what?
    A: Bears B: Robots C: People
  2. What is the first robot’s name?
    A: Leon B: Pepper C: Penny
  3. What does Whiz the robot do?
    A: Vacuum B: Mop the floor C: Water the plants