ICRT News for Kids – Parrots say Bad Words

Parrots say Bad Words

Foul-mouthed Parrots at Zoo

Did you know that animals can say bad words too? 你知道動物也會說髒話嗎?

Do you know what bad words are? 你知道什麼是髒話?

Have you ever watched a television show or movie and you suddenly hear
beeping sounds when people are talking? Well, those are sounds of bad words
being covered up! 那是把髒話蓋起來的音效。

What are bad words? Usually bad words are words that are very rude.

You shouldn’t say bad words, because they can hurt people’s feelings. If you
say them at school or in public, sometimes you can get in trouble.

I guess some parrots at a wildlife park in England didn’t know this, because
they got in trouble for saying a bunch of bad words!

That’s right, some parrots can talk! And there are five parrots in England
that got in trouble for saying too many bad words!

People who work at the park had to separate the parrots because they would
not stop saying bad words to visitors.

Funny story, huh? So humans aren’t the only ones who get in trouble for
saying bad words! 不是只有人才會因為說髒話惹上麻煩喔!Birds get in trouble


1. Word 字,詞。I can’t read this book. 我沒辦法看這本書。There are too many
difficult words! 太多很難的單字。What? You mean “The Very Hungry
Caterpillar?” 什麼? 你是說[好餓的毛毛蟲]這本書嗎? Those words are easy!

2. Rude 沒有禮貌的。It’s rude to talk loudly on a bus.
在公車裡大聲講話很沒禮貌。I think it’s rude to talk with food in one’s

3. Trouble 麻煩。I can give you a ride home. 我可以送妳回家。No, that’s too
much trouble for you. 不用了,那太麻煩你了。 Don’t worry, it’s no trouble at

4. Human 人類。Humans have to brush their teeth. Animals don’t.

Let’s read the words together.

word 字 rude 沒禮貌的 trouble 麻煩 human 人類


1. What kind of animal got in trouble for saying bad words in this story?
a. Parrots
b. Dogs
c. Monkeys

2. How many parrots got in trouble in this story?
a. Four
b. Five
c. Six

3. What did the workers at the park do to stop the birds from saying bad
a. Separate them
b. Set them free
c. Give them away