ICRT News for Kids – Parrot Saves Man from Fire

Parrot Saves Man from Fire

Parrot Saves Man from Fire

Do you have any pets? Having a pet is awesome.

You can feed them, play with them, cuddle with them, maybe walk or exercise
with them, and pets can be really great friends too.

But did you know that a pet could even save your life? 你知道寵物會救人嗎?

It’s true, a man in Australia, called Anton, was saved by his pet!

What kind of pet does Anton have?

He has a parrot! Some parrots, like Anton’s parrot have been trained to talk.

Anton 的寵物,是一隻會說話的鸚鵡!

And one night, when Anton was asleep…… his house caught fire!

Luckily, his parrot noticed the fire and started calling Anton’s name.
鸚鵡發現火災,一直大叫Anton 的名字。

Anton heard his parrot calling and he woke up.

He could smell smoke so he took his parrot, left his house, and called the
fire department.


It was a big fire but luckily Anton and his parrot are okay, and luckily the
parrot woke Anton up so they could get out!

And that’s another reason why pets are great!



1) Save 拯救。I almost drowned. 我差點淹死。Kevin saved my life!
凱文救了我一命! So he’s a good swimmer? 所以他很會游泳? No, he threw me a
lifejacket. 不是。他丟給我救生衣。

2) Pet 寵物。Do you have a pet, Jane? 你有養寵物嗎? I do. I have a fish tank
with 3 fish. 我有,我有個金魚缸,裡面有三條魚。Fish are perfect pets.
金魚是最好的寵物了。They really are. 真的是。

3) Wake up 醒來。Wake up, Ryan. It’s already 8! 快醒醒,萊恩。已經八點了。Oh
no, I’m going to be late. 糟糕,我要遲到了。You should have woken me up
earlier. 你應該早點叫我。

4) Luckily 幸運地。There was a big earthquake last night.
昨晚發生大地震。Luckily nobody got hurt. 幸運的是沒有人受傷。

Would you like to keep a pet? Please read with me.

Save 拯救 pet 寵物 wake up 醒來 luckily 幸運地


  1. What kind of pet does Anton have?
    a. A cat
    b. A rabbit
    c. A parrot
  2. What happened to Anton’s house?
    a. It caught fire
    b. The door came off
    c. The windows smashed
  3. What did Anton’s pet do?
    a. It flew away
    b. It called the fire department
    c. It called Anton’s name to wake him up