ICRT News for Kids -One-Legged Woman Runs

One-Legged Woman Runs

One-Legged Woman Runs

One-Legged Woman Runs 104 Marathons in 104 Days

I’m exhausted! Running is very tiring. I can’t run longer than ten minutes. I
get too tired.

I don’t know how people run marathons! A marathon is a kind of long-distance
race where the runners have to run about forty-two kilometers to finish the

That is a lot of running.

But do you know what’s really impressive? Running one hundred and four
marathons… in one hundred and four days!

A woman named Jacky Hunt-Broersma did that. She ran one hundred and four
marathons in one hundred and four days.

And she did it with only one leg!
這位跑者叫做 Jacky Hunt-Broersma,是一位女士,而且她只有一條腿!

Jacky only has one leg because she had cancer, so doctors had to remove one

But obviously, this did not slow her down!

She decided she was still going to run, so she did. And she beat the world
record for most marathons run in a row!

So even though Jacky only had one leg, she was still able to run, and she ran
more marathons in a row than any other person in the world.

I guess I shouldn’t complain about running for just ten minutes. Okay, I can
do this, I’m going to run some more! See ya!


  1. race 比賽
    The 10-kilometer race is starting. 十公里賽跑開始了。
    I can’t believe there are so many people. 真不相信有這麼多人。
    Are you kidding? People pay for a race like this! 開玩笑,人們還付錢來參賽呢。
  2. run 跑
    Running isn’t fun. 跑步不好玩。
    It’s so tiring! 讓人好累!
    You feel good after a good run. 痛快地跑一跑感覺很好。
    And you stay fit. 還可以維持健康。
  3. leg 腿
    That one-legged runner won again! 那個一條腿的跑者又贏了!
    She actually has two legs. 她其實有兩條腿。
  4. woman 女士
    Who’s that beautiful woman? 那位美女是誰?
    She’s my mom. 是我媽媽。
    Oh wow! 哇!
    I know. I wish I looked like her. 我知道。真希望我像她。

Do you like running? 來讀讀單字。
race 比賽
run 跑步
leg 腿
woman 女士


  1. How many marathons did Jacky run?
    A: Four marathons
    B: 14 marathons
    C: 104 marathons
  2. In how many days did she accomplish this?
    A: Four days
    B: 14 days
    C: 104 days
  3. How many legs does Jacky have?
    A: Two
    B: One
    C: None