ICRT News for Kids – New Year’s Superstitions

New Year’s Superstitions

New Year’s Superstitions

Happy New Year, everyone!

Did you know that during New Year’s, many people around the world have
different superstitions?

A superstition is when someone believes in something for no real reason… or
just thinks it’s lucky or unlucky.

Superstition 就是迷信,相信某一個東西會帶來好或不好的運氣。

In Taiwan, many people believe the number 4 is unlucky and you shouldn’t
whistle at night!

Those are superstitions! 在台灣數字”4″代表不幸,還有晚上不可以吹口哨。

Today is New Year’s Day.

There are a lot of superstitions around the world about New Year’s Day, and
some are pretty strange!

Like in Spain, where at 12 o’clock, midnight, on New Year’s Eve, they will
eat 12 grapes.

One at each clock chime for good luck.

In Switzerland they throw ice cream on the floor!

And Ireland some people will take a loaf of bread… and bang it against the
wall! 在愛爾蘭,他們會拿麵包打牆壁。

In Denmark, some people will go to the homes of their friends and family…
And smash plates on their doorsteps!

And in Columbia they like to grab empty suitcases at New Year’s, so they are
ready for next year’s adventures.

That’s a lot of funny superstitions! And there are many more!

Do you do anything for good luck?



1) Believe相信。I don’t believe black cats bring bad luck.
我不相信黑貓帶來厄運。Do you? 你相信嗎? No, but I believe number 8 is a lucky

2) Strange奇怪的。The sky is a strange red color. 天空有奇怪的紅色。Hmm… it
is strange! Something must be burning. 是很奇怪。一定有什麼東西在燃燒。

3) Throw扔。We should throw away all the garbage.我們應該把垃圾全部扔掉。On
the first day of the New Year? What a good idea! 在新年第一天? 真是好主意!

4) Ready準備好。I’m so hungry! Is dinner ready? 我好餓,晚飯好了嗎? It’ll be
ready in a minute! 就快好了! You said so an hour ago.
So are you ready for more English in 2021? Let’s read the words. Believe相信
strange奇怪的 throw扔 ready準備好


1: What is a superstition?
a. When something is super sticky
b. A super train station
c. Believing something is lucky or unlucky

2: What do some people in Spain eat at midnight on New Year’s Eve?
a. Eleven oranges
b. Twelve grapes
c. Thirteen watermelons

3: In Columbia, some people grab what to get ready for the New Year?
a. Empty suitcases
b. Their coats
c. Their keys