ICRT News for Kids – Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes – What are they good for?

AHHH! ….. Oww ! Oh, my! That mosquito bit me, like, five times!
Oh, mosquitos are so annoying! I really don’t like mosquitoes!
Oh, hi everybody! What do you think about mosquitoes? –Yeah! They’re no fun.
They wake me up at night with that buzzing ….
They bite and it’s soooo itchy! 被蚊子咬很癢呢And, they can make people very
Every year in Taiwan …. and all over the world, people get sick with dengue
fever … from mosquito bites!
Dengue fever makes you feel hot …with a fever … and your whole-body hurts
… and you feel really bad!
We should be careful of mosquitoes and not get a mosquito bite … because we
don’t want to get Dengue Fever! 不想有登革熱就不要被蚊子咬到喔
BUT … you might not know …. most of the time, mosquitoes actually help the
world! That’s right! 蚊子其實對世界是有幫助的,很難想像吧
Some plants and flowers need mosquitoes!
Why? Because some mosquitoes pick up tiny seeds from plants and flowers …
then the mosquitoes spread the seeds so more plants and flowers can grow!
It’s cool that mosquitoes help plants and flowers, right?
But mosquitoes don’t help people at all. Sometimes they give us Dengue
Fever! — So, don’t let them bite you!
Oh, guess what? Mosquitoes like dark colors 知道嗎? 蚊子喜歡黑色… so if you
wear bright clothes … like a white shirt … maybe the mosquitoes won’t bite
so much!
AHHHH! That’s another mosquito! OK … I’m going inside to put on mosquito


Nobody likes mosquitos because they bite!

1) Bite咬。Your dog bit me你的狗咬了我! No, it didn’t牠才沒有呢! People may
get dengue fever from mosquito bites 被蚊子咬可能會得登革熱。
2) Annoying很煩人。Mosquitos are annoying, especially when you’re asleep
3) Feel感覺。I feel bad when I see dead plants and flowers
我看到枯死的花花草草都覺得不舒服。 Do you feel better now你現在好些了嗎?
4) Help 幫助。Could you help me please? 可以幫我一下嗎? Yes, of course!
5) Dark 黑暗的。Mosquitos like dark colors蚊子喜歡深色的顏色。It’s getting

We’ve just heard about mosquitos, now let’s say the words: bite咬
feel感覺 help幫助 dark黑暗的。


  1. Dengue fever makes you feel___?
    A: Hot
    B: Cold
    C: Silly
  2. What is one good thing mosquitoes do?
    A: Do your homework
    B: Sing beautiful songs
    C: Spread flower and plant seeds
  3. What colors do mosquitoes like?
    A: Dark colors
    B: Light colors
    C: White