ICRT News for Kids – Meatless Hamburger

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Meatless Hamburgers

(“Lunch time ……hamburgers …Hmmm … lots of hamburgers…. Yes, yummy

What a nice dream! I was dreaming about lunch time! And eating tasty
“Oh, hi everyone! I really like hamburgers. How about you? Do you like
They are soooooooo yummy! The yummy meat, the yummy bun, yummy, yummy,
oh my, now I’m really hungry! 說的我都肚子餓了

But did you know some people don’t eat hamburgers?!………. ( No Way!!! )

It’s true. All over the world, many, many people don’t eat meat – they only
eat vegetables!
Some people don’t eat meat because they don’t want to hurt animals, some
vegetarians don’t eat meat to save the environment and some vegetarians don’t
eat meat for their health.
有些吃素的人是因為不想殺生, 有些是為了健康
But, many people like the TASTE of a hamburger … even some vegetarians!

And today is a special day! Today I’m going to try a super cool new veggie
burger! ………..
I’m going with my friend who is a vegetarian to a restaurant that has a
hamburger with FAKE meat made from vegetables! But this “meat” REALLY tastes
like meat it even looks like meat, and feels like meat too!
看起來或吃起來像肉,甚至摸起來像真的肉! 但是不是肉

These fake meat burgers are really cool!
MMM… I can hardly wait! Ah, the bread and veggies and the meat… oh yeah No
I hope it’s yummy.. I’m so excited! Veggie hamburgers! Wow! Now I’m really

What about you? Do you want to try this new fake meat made from vegetables?



Hi everyone! We all love hamburgers, and today’s story is about vegetarian

1) Vegetarian 不吃肉只吃蔬菜,也就是吃素的人,叫作vegetarian。Vegetarian
burgers or veggie burgers are for people who don’t eat meat.
2) Vegetarian這個字跟vegetable聽起來很像吧? vegetable蔬菜。 Onions and
potatoes are all vegetables.洋蔥和馬鈴薯都是蔬菜。And they can be yummy!
3) Yummy 好吃的 Hamburgers are yummy. You can also say hamburgers are
delicious and you like them a lot because they taste good.
4) Taste 品嚐,或者是吃起來 If something tastes good, it means it’s yummy.
5) Meat肉類 I don’t eat meat because I’m a vegetarian.
Okay, so you’ve learned five very useful words today, vegetarian 吃素的人
vegetable 蔬菜 yummy 好吃的 taste 品嚐 meat 肉類.


  1. What do we call people who don’t eat meat?
    A: Vegetables B: Hungry C: Vegetarians
  2. Why don’t some people eat meat?
    A: To help them sleep B: To save animals and the environment C: To help
    them swim faster
  3. What is a veggie burger?
    A: A hamburger with vegetarian meat B: A hamburger that can sing C: A
    hamburger that looks like a vegetable