ICRT News for Kids – Man Flies with Balloons

Man Flies with Balloons

Man Flies with Balloons

Hi! Everybody loves balloons. Balloons are fun, especially balloons that can
fly up in the air. Can people fly in the air by holding balloons?

We see that in cartoons on TV and in movies. But can that really happen?

The answer is “yes!” A man did that above a desert in America. He held about
50 big balloons – and he flew in the air over the desert! And he went really
high up into the air, too. 在美國,有人抓著50顆氣球,飛越沙漠,而且飛得很高!

So, how did he come back down to Earth? 可是,要怎麼降落呢?

Did the 50 balloons pop? 是氣球破了嗎?

No, the balloons didn’t pop. Did the air come out of the balloons?

No, that didn’t happen, either. The man let go of the balloons…
他在空中把氣球放掉… and fell from the sky.

Don’t worry; the man had a parachute. 別擔心,他有降落傘。He opened the
parachute and landed safely on the ground.

The man said it was really fun to fly with balloons. What do you think?
Sounds pretty scary to me!



  1. Air 空氣,in the air在空中。Spring is in the air.
    空氣中已經有春天的氣息了。Can you smell it? 你聞得到嗎? Yes, I can smell
    cherry blossoms in the air. 可以,我聞得到空氣裡櫻花的香氣。
  2. Land 降落。We’d better hurry! 我們最好快一點。His plane will land soon.
    他的班機就快降落了。Don’t worry. Landing takes quite a while.
  3. Ground 地上。What will you do during your vacation? 你度假時要做什麼? I’ll
    just lie on the ground and watch the sky. 我只會躺在地上看天空。That sounds
    nice. 聽起來很好。
  4. Happen 發生。What’s happening? Why the cheering? 發生什麼事?
    為什麼大家歡呼? The teacher says we can leave school after 1PM.

Okay, today’s words are easy. Let’s read them together.

in the air 在空中 land 降落 ground 地上 happen 發生


1: How many big balloons did the man hold?
A: About 15
B: About 25
C: About 50

2: Where did he fly with the balloons?
A: Over a town
B: Above a desert
C: Near the ocean

3: How did the man come back down to Earth?
A: He popped the balloons
B: The air came out of the balloons
C: He let go of the balloons