ICRT News for Kids – Library Books Returned

Library Books Returned

Library Books Returned After 48 Years

Have you ever borrowed something from somebody and forgotten to return

Someone in England forgot to return some books they borrowed from a library.
They forgot for a very long time … 48 years!
英國有人在圖書館借書,結果忘記還,時間長達 48年!

Do you know what a library is? A library is a place where you can borrow
books to read. So you go into a library, find a book you like, and bring it
home to read. 圖書館裡面有很多書,你可以把書借回家看。

When you’re finished with the book, you bring it back to the library so
someone else can borrow it and read it. 看完後還給圖書館,別人想看才借得到。

Isn’t that nice?

But one person in England forgot to return the books they borrowed! And it
took years and years before they returned it! After 48 years, the library
got the books back in the mail. 有人借了忘記還, 48年後,才把書寄回給圖書館。

There was a note too, with the borrower saying they were very, very sorry for
keeping the books for so long.

They borrowed the books back in 1972, but moved away and forgot to give the
books back! 書在1972年被借走,借的人後來搬家忘記還。

Well, it’s a good thing they finally remembered! 幸好有想起來!

Have you borrowed something from anyone? Don’t forget to give it back!



  1. Borrow 借。Can I borrow your EasyCard? 我可以跟你借悠遊卡嗎? I forgot mine
    today.我今天忘了帶我的。But I’ve got only one card. 但是我只有一張卡。Maybe
    you can borrow it from Kate. 你也許可以跟凱特借。
  2. Return 歸還。Uh oh, I forgot to return the YouBike
    again.糟糕,我又忘了還單車。You can do it tomorrow.你可以明天還! No, I need
    to return it today. 不行。我一定要今天還。
  3. Move away 搬走。My best friend has moved away. 我最好的朋友搬走了。Well,
    you can always make new friends. 你總是可以交新朋友。
  4. Remember 記得。Do you remember New Year’s Day last year? 你記得去年元旦嗎?
    How can I forget? 我怎麼會忘掉? We got up at five to see the

Okay, let’s read the words together.

borrow 借 return 歸還 move away 搬走 remember 記得


  1. How long were the books missing?
    a. 48 days
    b. 48 months
    c. 48 years
  2. Where were the books borrowed from?
    a. A library
    b. A school
    c. A teacher
  3. Where did this story take place?
    a. England
    b. The U.S.
    c. Italy