ICRT News for Kids Huge Bucket of Popcorn

Huge Bucket of Popcorn

Huge Bucket of Popcorn

Young People Share Huge Bucket of Popcorn

I love eating popcorn! It’s so delicious when I add some salt and butter.

I always eat popcorn at the movies.

When my family goes to the movie theater, we get a big bowl of popcorn to
share together.

In fact, did you hear what happened recently in Kaohsiung?

Some young people went to a new movie theater. There, they filled a huge
bucket with popcorn. 1600 liters of popcorn! That bucket is so big, you could
swim in it.
幾個年輕人去一家新開張的電影院,用爆米花裝滿了一個1600 公升的水桶。

How could they get so much popcorn? Since the movie theater was new, they had
a special deal. The theater would fill any bowl with popcorn for only 50 NT
dollars, no matter how big.

The theater did not expect anyone to bring a 1600 liter bucket. But they
filled it anyway. The bucket was so huge, they needed a truck to carry it

Did the young people eat all the popcorn? Actually, they shared it with the
people of Kaohsiung. They handed out the popcorn to homeless people on the

Those young people took the chance to help others. As a result, lots of
people shared the tasty popcorn!


  1. salt 鹽
    Let me get the tickets. 我去買票。
    And I will get popcorn and drinks. 我去買爆米花跟飲料。
    A bucket of popcorn for you, right? 你要一桶爆米花對吧?
    Right, with salt and butter. 對,要加鹽跟奶油。
  2. huge 巨大的
    Wow, this is a huge bucket! 哇,好大一桶!
    I know. Are you sure you’re not eating too much popcorn?
  3. share 分享
    Not if you’re sharing it with me. 假如你跟我一起吃就不會。
    That’s the response I’m waiting for. 我就在等妳這句話。
  4. tasty 好吃的
    Hmmm, this is really tasty! 這真的很好吃呢!
    Now who’s eating too much popcorn? 現在是誰吃太多爆米花?

salt 鹽
huge 巨大的
share 分享
tasty 好吃的


  1. How much popcorn did the young people get?
    A: 6100 liters
    B: 16000 liters
    C: 1600 liters
  2. How did they carry the popcorn bucket away?
    A: With their hands
    B: With a truck
    C: With a helicopter
  3. Who did the young people give the popcorn to?
    A: Their family
    B: Their classmates
    C: Homeless people