ICRT News for Kids – Girl Makes Christmas Special for Kids

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Girl Makes Christmas Special for Kids

Merry Christmas, everyone! I know it’s not a holiday in Taiwan. But in
America, Canada, and many other countries, it’s a very big

People have a family dinner on Christmas. They give presents to each other,
too. 全家人會一起吃大餐,還會給彼此聖誕禮物。I love to open Christmas

Everybody loves getting presents, especially kids! Today, I want to tell you
about a special little girl. Her name is Pippa Jackson, and she is just four
years old. She lives in England. 今天要講英國的一個4歲的小女孩,Pippa

She started thinking about giving gifts in October. She knows many kids are
poor. Some families can’t buy presents for their kids. They don’t have enough
money. 她知道很多人沒錢買禮物給小孩。

So, in October, she promised to give 200 gifts to poor kids for Christmas.
所以她決定要發200個禮物,給有需要的小朋友。Wow! That is so nice!

Pippa’s family and friends gave her money to buy the 200 presents. She will
send toys, hats, and scarves to kids who need them.
Pippa的朋友家人給他錢讓她去買200個禮物她準備了玩具、帽子跟圍巾,She will help
many kids to have a really great Christmas.

Pippa is so great! Merry Christmas, Pippa. I hope you get some nice Christmas
presents, too!



  1. What birthday gift do you plan to give Kevin? 你打算送凱文什麼生日禮物?
    For a ten-year-old boy, comic books, of course!
    對十歲男孩來說,當然是漫畫書啦! That’s a gift I’d like to get too!
  2. Present 禮物。

My favorite present is a fat red envelope.我最喜歡的禮物是鼓鼓的紅包。I
prefer toys. 我比較喜歡玩具。

  1. Poor 貧窮的。

You don’t see poor, homeless people on the
street.你在街上看不到貧窮的遊民。Oh, there are poor people living in
underground walkways. 有些窮人是住在地下道裡面。

  1. Think 思考。

You want to quit school? 你要輟學? What are you thinking? 你在想什麼? I’m
thinking about learning something else. 我在想學別的東西。Like what?
別的什麼? Like how to be a stuntman.怎麼當特技演員。


Gift 禮物 present 禮物 poor 貧窮的 think 思考


  1. What is this story about?
    A: A girl who got no presents for Christmas
    B: A girl who gave Christmas presents to kids
    C: A girl who got lots of Christmas presents
  2. How many presents will Pippa send?
    A: 100
    B: 200
    C: 300
  3. Where did Pippa get the money for the presents?
    A: From making money at a job
    B: From other kids at her school
    C: From her parents and friends