ICRT News for Kids – Giant Parrot

Giant Parrot

Hi everyone! Welcome! Make yourselves comfortable, it’s time for another

Everyone knows that many, many, many years ago, there were lots of giant
animals walking around the earth, right? Like dinosaurs!

When you think of dinosaurs, what’s the first thing that comes into your
head? 一提到恐龍,你會想到甚麼? ………Woah!!!! Yeah! Something like that,

But what if I told you there was another animal that lived many, many years
ago that sounded more like this?

Heh! What did that sound like to you? 剛那個聲音像甚麼?………

Yep! That was a parrot! 那是鸚鵡!……….

But this… This parrot wasn’t just any parrot, ya know? Oh no…
這隻鸚鵡超大的This was a giant parrot!…………

One day, special scientists who dig up and study super old stuff found some
big bones! !

From these bones they know that many millions of years ago, there used to be
giant parrots! 科學家從挖出的化石知道…很久以前有一種巨型的鸚鵡!

They named the giant parrot… SQUAWKZILLA… Cool name, right?

Squawkzilla was the biggest parrot ever… probably too big to fly………
Ahem! 我剛說牠不會飛………!

Okay. The giant parrot weighed about 7 kilograms, 大概有7公斤重. About the
same as a bowling ball!

Squawkzilla was also about 1 meter tall, meaning it could reach a grown-up’s
belly button!


Deep voice: Polly wants a cracker.

Uhhh… Yes, Polly!…. Whatever you say, Polly!


1) Sound聲音,或是[聽起來]。You sound just like your
father你聽起來跟你爸爸好像! Listen to the dinosaur’s sound 你聽恐龍的叫聲。

2) Giant巨人,或是[巨大的]。Dinosaurs are giant animals恐龍是巨大的動物。

3) Bone骨頭。Scientists have found a lot of big bones in the ground

4) Million百萬。Dinosaurs lived on the earth millions of years ago

5) Big, bigger, biggest 很大,更大,最大。Horses are big animals, much bigger
than cats馬是很大的動物,比貓咪大得多。It’s the biggest ice cream I’ve

So today we learned something new about a giant bird, let’s review the words.

Sound 聲音 giant巨人,巨大的 bone骨頭 million百萬 big, bigger, biggest


  1. What does giant mean?

A: Really big B: Really small C: Really thin

  1. What kind of animal did the scientists find?

A: A turtle B: A bear C: A parrot

  1. How heavy was the giant parrot?

A: 4 kilograms B: 7 kilograms C: 1 meter