ICRT News for Kids – Electric Eels

Most powerful electric eel ever discovered

Rivers can be a place full of dangerous and powerful creatures.
(SFX: crocodile hissing sounds )
Nope, I’m not thinking of the crocodile. Although crocodiles are dangerous
Crocodiles are very strong animals that have a lot of sharp teeth. This makes
them seem very dangerous.
There is a creature that is just as dangerous as the crocodile. It might even
be more dangerous.
(SFX: snake hissing)
No, it’s not the snake. Even though snakes can sometimes bite!
(SFX: angry hippo sounds)
No, it’s not the hippopotamus – or hippo – for short. Even though hippos are
also very large and powerful creatures. 不是蛇,也不是河馬。
I’m thinking of the eel! 如果說是鰻魚你會很驚訝嗎?
Did you know that some eels are electric? (SFX: electricity sounds)
這是真的! Some eels are able to shock other fish with electricity!
Electric eels do this when they hunt. They shock other fish with electricity
to stun them and then they become lunch for the eel.
And researchers have found a very powerful eel in the Amazon. This eel is the
most powerful one ever found.
(SFX: more electricity sounds)
This eel can generate 860 volts of electricity. It is the strongest amount of
electricity ever recorded in an eel. 這種電鰻可以發出860伏特的電流。
That is about eight times more powerful than the electricity that comes out
your electrical outlets at home!
That would be a very painful electric shock. If I’m ever in the Amazon, I
hope I don’t meet an electric eel!

The crocodile is a dangerous animal.

  1. Dangerous危險的。Is bungee jumping dangerous 高空彈跳很危險嗎? No, not
    really 沒有那麼危險. Swimming in a river can be dangerous
  2. River河流。The Nile is the longest river in the
  3. Animal動物。The zoo has all kinds of animals
    動物園有各種各樣的動物。What’s your favorite animal 你最喜歡的動物是什麼?
    Zebra! 是斑馬!
  4. Surprise驚訝。Are you surprised to see me你看到我很驚訝嗎? Yes, I am
    是很驚訝。He won a gold medal in the race; what a surprise
  5. Powerful強有力的。The electric eel is a powerful animal
    Okay, boys and girls, let’s read the words together. Dangerous危險的
    river河流 animal動物 surprise驚訝 powerful強有力的


  1. What can some eels do?
    a. Shock other fish with electricity.
    b. Walk on land.
    c. Change colors.
  2. What was special about a recently discovered electric eel?
    a. It was incredibly weak.
    b. It had the strongest electric shock ever recorded.
    c. It could sing.
  3. Where was this special eel found?
    a. In the Amazon.
    b. In Taiwan.
    c. In the ocean.