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Electric Buses

Electric Buses

Made in Taiwan Electric Buses in Kaohsiung

I’m sure you have seen electric cars and electric scooters on the roads in
Taiwan, right?

There are now lots of different electric vehicles.

In Kaohsiung, there are quite a few electric buses.

You can see them in other parts of Taiwan, too … but there are a lot in

The electric buses in Kaohsiung are so quiet… they only make a small humming

But, those electric buses are not made in Taiwan.

People at a very big company in Taiwan said, “Hey! We should make electric
buses here!”

And now they have!

Kaohsiung has already bought one… and the city is going to buy many, many

Now, every time a bus gets too old, Kaohsiung will buy a new electric bus!

And now, these buses will be made in Taiwan!

It’s not easy to make an electric bus.

They need very big and strong batteries to power such a big vehicle.

But, the made in Taiwan electric bus is super strong!

It will take people back and forth from the High-Speed Rail Station in
Zuoying to the new E Sky Land department store.

Soon, Kaohsiung will buy more electric buses and one day – all the buses in
the city will be electric!!



  1. Vehicle 交通工具。We now have many different electric vehicles.
    我們現在有好多不同的電動交通工具。Let me see… scooters, bikes, cars and
    buses. 我看看,有機車,腳踏車,汽車和巴士。
  2. Made in Taiwan 台灣製造。Are they all made in Taiwan? 它們都是台灣製的嗎?
    Probably not. 可能不是。I know some of them are made in Europe.
  3. Battery 電池。My cell phone doesn’t work ! 我的手機都不動! I think your
    battery is out. 我想是你的電池沒電了。
  4. Department store 百貨公司。Can I buy the battery in a department store?
    我可以在百貨公司買到電池嗎? Of course. Just go to a place that sells cell
    phones. 當然。你只要去一家賣手機的地方就好。

你有坐過電動車嗎? 一起來讀單字。Vehicle交通工具 made in Taiwan台灣製造
battery電池 department store百貨公司


  1. Where are there a lot of electric buses?
    A: Hualien
    B: Kenting
    C: Kaohsiung
  2. What is special about the new electric bus in the story?
    A: It is made in Taiwan!
    B: It can turn into a boat!
    C: It’s super tiny!
  3. What is the plan in Kaohsiung City?
    A: When a bus gets too old, they will buy a new, electric bus
    B: When a bus gets too old, they will push it in the Love River
    C: When a bus gets too old, they will buy an airplane