ICRT News for Kids – Eating Bugs

Eating Bugs

Eating Bugs!

Hi Everybody! What do you think about eating a sandwich — of BUGS!
(SFX: ;SCREAM!!!!) What??? A bug sandwich! Ya think I’m crazy??
Nope! Eating bugs is actually a really good idea! Let me tell you why!
Lots of people around the world don’t have enough food to eat.
That’s really sad, right? So many people are hungry … and then they get sick
and have a sad life! 很多人沒有東西吃,肚子餓 ,生病還過著悲慘生活
They need more food!
Hmm… where can we get more food? Where does food come from?
Well, we can grow more food … we can grow more vegetables like carrots and
tomatoes … and we can get more animals for food … like more chickens …
more cows and more pigs.我們要生產更多的蔬菜和肉類
But there’s a problem! Vegetables and chickens and cows and pigs need space
… and we don’t have much space! 空間都不夠啊
Bugs are small! They don’t need much space. And they are healthy. Bugs are
good for you.
You can cook the bugs … and make a bug hamburger!
Bugs actually taste good. Some bugs even taste sweet!
Cool, yeah? Sweet bugs!
Eating bugs is a good idea that can help people. 可以幫助人類.
Wow! Maybe I’m ready to try a bug burger! How about you? Bugs for lunch?
哇,我已經等不及要吃吃蟲子漢堡, 你會想試試看嗎?
Ha! Maybe someday!!
Hi, would you like to have a bug sandwich for lunch?

1) Sandwich 三明治。A sandwich is two pieces of bread with things like meat,
cheese and tomatoes in between 三明治就是兩片麵包,中間夾著肉片,起司和番茄。
2) Chicken 雞,所以營養好喝的雞湯就是chicken soup. Chicken soup is good for
you when you’re sick生病時喝一點雞湯對你有好處。
3) Sick 生病。Hungry people often get
sick餓肚子的人經常會生病,並且過得不好They have a sad life.
4) Sad悲慘的,傷心的。That’s a sad story那個故事真慘!

Let’s review the words we’ve learned today: sandwich三明治 chicken雞
sick 生病 sad悲慘的。So don’t eat too many sandwiches, you may get sick!


  1. What do vegetables … and even people need?
    A: They need space! B: They need dogs! C: They need pigs and carrots!
  2. Why is eating bugs a good idea?
    A: Bugs are vegetables B: Bugs are good for you …
    C: Chickens like bugs!
  3. What do all people need everyday?
    A: Food! B: Monkeys! C: Bugs!