ICRT News for Kids – Don’t Drink Too Much Soda

Don’t Drink Too Much Soda

Narrator: 我好喜歡喝汽水。 It tastes soooo good!

你喜歡喝汽水嗎? A lot of people love it. And they drink a lot of soda. But
they should not do that. 汽水有很多糖分。

Soda has a lot of sugar in it, and sugar is what makes food taste sweet.
That’s why soda, tastes so sweet.

I’m sure you like sugar. A lot of people do. I like sugar, too. But I know
this is not a good thing. Sugar is not good for your body.

吃太多糖對身體不好。Sugar can hurt many parts of your body. For example, it
can do bad things to your teeth. This is why it’s important to brush your
teeth every day.

Too much sugar can even harm your heart.

Yes, it’s true – even your heart! And, of course, too much sugar makes you
fat. 糖不但讓人發胖,還帶來健康問題! It can cause more health problems.

Some people did experiments on drinking soda.

They studied people who drink at least two glasses of soda every day. They
found that these people often have health problems. So put down that can of
soda right now!

不是故意嚇你。But it’s true. Too much sugar is really bad for you. If you
want to live a long, healthy life, don’t drink soda too often.

Also, don’t eat too many other sweet desserts.

Oh, don’t forget to do exercise, too. Exercise helps your body. It can even
help it fight the bad effects of sugar. 每天都要做做運動喔!

So if you want to stay healthy, eat less sugar, and remember to get some


You can drink soda, but don’t drink too much.

  1. Too much太多,too many也是太多。Too much TV is bad for your
    eyes看太多電視對眼睛不好。Too many sweet desserts can harm your
  2. Heart心臟。Exercise makes your heart stronger運動讓你的心臟更強壯。In your
    heart you know I’m right你心裡知道我是對的。
  3. Taste品嚐。The cake tastes too sweet那個蛋糕嚐起來太甜。
  4. Experiment實驗。Let’s do an experiment with milk我們用牛奶來做個實驗。Our
    experiment has failed我們的實驗失敗了。
  5. Body身體。A sparrow is a small bird with a brown


Let’s read the words. Too much 太多 too many 太多 heart 心臟 taste 品嚐
experiment 實驗 body 身體


1) What can too much sugar do to your body?
A: Hurt your teeth B: Harm your heart C: A B

2) In the experiment, how much soda did people drink?
A: None B: 1 glass a day C: At least 2 glasses a day

3) How can people fight the bad effects of sugar?
A: Exercise B: Drink soda C: Read experiments