ICRT News for Kids – Bicycle Race

Bicycle Race

She Wins!

Hi everybody! You know … I really like my bicycle!

I think bicycles are amazing! Bicycles are easy, fun, good for you, and good
for the air! No pollution! 騎車不會有空氣汙染的問題 I ride my bicycle, um,
everywhere! I ride my bicycle to go shopping, to the park, to meet my
friends, but I’m not a bicycle race winner! (laughs) Nope. I’m not like

Fiona is a young woman from Germany, and she won a super hard bicycle race!
She rode her bicycle a long way! 她是個年輕德國女生 .

Can you imagine riding your bicycle from Taipei to Kaohsiung? That’s pretty
far, right? 從台北騎到高雄?很遠,對吧?

Well, Fiona rode her bicycle from Bulgaria to France… that’s like riding
from Taipei to Kaohsiung …(said ever-increasingly fast:
times! 天啊!要台北高雄來回五趟半耶!

Fiona won the race! She rode for more than 10 days! Riding her bicycle in the
rain, in the hot sun, at night, in the daytime, over mountains. Woah! That is
one hard race.

Fiona was smart and strong! She only slept for four hours every night – and
then she kept on riding … for 10 days! 10天比賽中她每天只睡4小時 Woah! I
could never do that!

In the end, Fiona was number one! She is only 24 years old, but Fiona is now
the first woman to win this really super hard bicycle race. She was faster
than all the young men in the race! Pretty cool, huh?

Fiona is going to try again … she wants to win again … and she wants to
ride even faster!

Wow! Fiona is such a strong and smart young woman! You’re awesome, Fiona!
加油 !


Fiona, a German girl, won a very long and hard bicycle race.
1) Win贏得。 I want to win the race我要贏得那場比賽。She won yesterday’s
2) Ride騎。When does she ride to school every day她每天什麼時候騎車上學? At
7:50七點五十分。Fiona rode her bike to France費歐娜騎腳踏車去法國。
3) Sleep睡覺。 People sleep at night, but owls sleep in the
daytime人們晚上睡覺,貓頭鷹卻白天睡覺. I only slept for 3 hours last
4) Fast很快 faster更快 fastest最快。Can you walk faster你可以走快一點嗎? This
is the fastest I can go我最快就是這樣了。
We learned some good words today, so let’s say them again. Win贏得 ride騎
sleep睡覺 fast, faster, fastest 很快 更快 最快


  1. What’s good about bicycles?
    A: They can sing and fly
    B: They are good for lunch
    C: They are good for the air – no pollution!
  2. Who is Fiona?
    A: A young woman … who won a super hard bicycle race!
    B: I don’t know
    C: She’s a bicycle!
  3. Which statement is true?
    A: Fiona is the first bicycle to win the race
    B: Fiona is the first teacher to win the race
    C: Fiona is the first woman to win the race