ICRT News for Kids Bees Like to Play

Bees Like to Play

Bees Like to Play

Bees Like to Play

Hi, students! Have you ever heard of the phrase, “busy as a bee?” If someone
is “busy as a bee”, it means he or she is really busy.

Bees are busy insects. They go to many flowers and collect pollen. That’s
good for flowers. Bees also build hives. The hives are their homes. And, of
course, bees make honey. That’s good for us.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about bees. They like to play! Some
people at a university in London proved that. They taught bees to roll small
balls. How did the researchers teach the bees to roll little balls? They gave
them food when they rolled the balls.

But the researchers found something else really interesting. They saw the
bees playing with balls even when they didn’t get food.

Researchers also found that younger bees played with the balls more than
adult bees. Hey, that’s just like humans! Kids like to play more than their
parents, right?

One young bee played with a ball 117 times. Wow… 117 times! I guess that
bee was having a ball. “Having a ball” means to have a good time. I hope you
kids are having a ball, too, today!


  1. hear 聽到
    I’ve never heard such a thing! 我從來沒有聽過這種事!
    What? 什麼事?
    Bees playing with balls? 蜜蜂會玩球嗎?
    Yeah, bees are insects. 對啊,蜜蜂是昆蟲。
    They make honey. 牠們製造蜂蜜。
    They don’t play. 牠們不玩耍。
  2. mean 意思
    You mean insects don’t know how to have fun? 你的意思是昆蟲不懂怎麼玩?
    Right. They must think the ball is food. 對。牠們一定以為球是吃的東西。
  3. food 食物
    No, their food is pollen. 不對,牠們的食物是花粉。
    Well, to a young bee, balls probably look like pollen.
  4. prove 證明
    You can’t prove that. 你沒辦法證明。
    You’re right. I can’t. 你說對了,我沒辦法。
    I wish I were a bee. 我希望我是一隻蜜蜂。

hear 聽到
mean 意思
food 食物
prove 證明


  1. What did the bees play with?
    A: Flowers
    B: Balls
    C: People
  2. What is true about young bees?
    A: The like to play more than adults.
    B: They don’t like to play much.
    C: They like to play as much as adults do.
  3. What does the phrase, “having a ball” mean?
    A: Being busy
    B: Throwing a ball
    C: Having fun