ICRT News for Kids – Be Nice to Sea Turtles

Be Nice to the Sea Turtles!

Hi everybody! I love swimming and snorkeling! 我喜歡游泳還有浮潛 Snorkeling is
great … why? Well, because I can see and swim … like a fish!

You can see so many beautiful things in the ocean around Taiwan … pretty
fish … colorful coral … and my favorite ……………………. SEA TURTLES!

I know about a wonderful little island near Pingtung in southern Taiwan -the
water is so clean 南臺灣有個地方水很乾淨… and many people like to go there
for swimming and snorkeling 很多人會去浮潛.– That’s right! The island is
called XIAOLIUCHIU! XiaoLiuChiu is great! But can you guess my favorite thing
about that island? Sea Turtles!

You can see sea turtles … see sea turtles in the sea!

But some people are not very nice to the ocean! They throw garbage into the
sea! 有些人會丟垃圾到海裡. That’s not cool! And some people are not so nice
to the sea turtles. They touch them and even step on them!
有人會摸海龜或是踩他們- HEY! -That’s rude! 這樣很沒禮貌耶

We should never throw garbage in the ocean, right? The poor sea turtles might
eat the garbage! They could get sick! Oh No!

Let’s be nice to the Xiaoliuchiu sea turtles, ok? And let’s take care of
XiaoLiuChiu Island. We can swim near the sea turtles … and we can look at
them… but we never touch them! OK?

Do you want to see the sea turtles in the sea? Come to Xiaoliuchiu with me
next time!

Now I’m going to get out of these wet clothes before I catch a cold!


Xiao-liu-qiu is a small island off Kaohsiung where you can go swimming and

1) Snorkel 浮潛。Have you ever tried snorkeling in the ocean? It’s a lot of
fun! 在海裡浮潛很好玩的!

2) 海洋ocean. 海洋裡的垃圾已經太多了,So don’t throw garbage into the ocean!

3) Garbage垃圾。海龜可能會吃海中的垃圾而不舒服Sea turtles might eat the
garbage and get sick.

4) And you shouldn’t touch sea turtles. Touch觸摸,Don’t touch me 不要摸我!

5) It’s rude to step on sea turtles 採到海龜身上很沒有禮貌喔,rude沒禮貌

So these are the words we’ve learned today, snorkel 浮潛 ocean 海洋 garbage
垃圾 touch 觸摸 rude 沒禮貌


  1. What is the name of the island near Pingtung in Southern Taiwan?
    A: Xiao – Ding – Dang B: Xiao-Liu-Chiu C: Green Island
  2. What can you see there?
    A: Tall people B: Lots of trees C: Sea turtles
  3. What should you do if you see a sea turtle in the sea?
    A: Touch it B: Leave it alone C: Eat it