ICRT News for Kids – Animals and Cold Weather

How animals prepare for cold weather

(SFX: cold wind sounds)
Narrator: Brrr! It’s cold! 世界很多地方越來越冷了! So it’s time to stay warm
and sit by the fire! (SFX: fire crackling sounds) Many people are also
putting on thicker clothes to stay warm.
But what do animals do? They don’t have any clothes to put on. And they can’t
build a fire outdoors. 牠們沒有衣服不會冷嗎?
Don’t worry. 不用擔心, animals get ready for cold weather very differently
than people do. And every animal is different.
(SFX: birds chirping)
For example, many birds begin to fly south when the weather gets colder,
because most places in the south are warmer. 天氣變冷有些鳥會往南飛, but
their trips can take a very long time, so they need to rest.
旅途很遠他們需要找地方休息. Sometimes it takes months! 有時候好幾個月! Can
you imagine traveling anywhere for that long?
(SFX: bear sniffing and growling)
Bears like to sleep during the winter. So before they do that they like to
eat … a lot. (SFX: bear chomping sounds) They eat and drink as much as they
can so they can get fatter. Getting nice and fat lets them stay warm in the
winter when they’re resting.
(SFX: outdoor sounds, sounds of insect wings vibrating)
What about insects? 那蟲呢? Well, all insects are different. But insects like
ladybugs like to rest until the weather is warm again. So they also like to
eat a lot before it gets cold, this way they won’t be hungry when they are
resting all winter.
I’m glad I’m a person and not a wild animal. When I’m outside I can put on a
jacket, and when I’m inside I can just turn on the heat to stay warm!


Did you put on a jacket when you left home this morning?
1) Put on穿上。It’s snowing! I need to put on my
coat.下雪了,我得穿上外套。She put on a sweater and went
2) Fire火。(火燒的聲音) The house is on fire! 房子起火了! Fire keeps us
3) Different不一樣。Today’s weather is very different from
yesterday’s.今天天氣跟昨天大不同! A department store sells many different
4) Travel旅行。Many people love to travel.很多人喜歡旅行。Traveling from here
to Taichung takes 2 hours.從這裡去台中要花兩小時。
5) Rest休息。You look tired. Take a rest.你看起來好累,休息一下吧。
Okay, we can all can take a rest after lunch. Let’s read the words. Put
on穿上 fire火 different不一樣 travel旅行 rest休息


  1. What do some birds do in the winter?
    a. Fly south
    b. Fly north
    c. Put on a jacket
  2. What do bears do when it starts to get cold?
    a. They eat a lot to get fat
    b. Build a fire
    c. They go on a diet to get thin
  3. What do ladybugs like to do in the winter?
    a. Fly around a lot
    b. Drink hot chocolate milk
    c. Rest and wait for warm weather