English with Teacher Kyle


Click on the picture to the right to visit the Picture Dictionary. All of the pictures are publice domain or copyright free. I got them from primarily from www.openclipart.org and www.wpclipart.com. I also made many of them myself. If you need pictures when making teaching materials please feel free to use these pictures. If you have any images that you would like to contribute please do! Any images that you contribute should by copyright free, public domain, or something similar, they should (but don't have to be) .png format, they should be dimensions (512x512 , 256x256 , 128x128) and have a one word title. You should include a description to help people find your contributed pictures. 


ESL Collaboration

Click on the picture to the left to visit this site. This site is for sharing files like PPTs and DOCs with fellow ESL teachers. I hope we can create a useful resource for ourselves and future ESL teachers.

Picture Dictionary

On this page you'll find two tools that can facilitate collaboration between teachers or tools for teachers to use related to the web pages for students. It is very much a work in progress. Thank you for visiting and for contributing.